Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but even without the greeting card holiday, office relationships can form. While romantic relationships suggest drama, they shouldn’t and there are policies that you can put in place to avoid such drama from affecting your company’s culture and productivity.

Office Relationships-

Dating and consensual relationships between employees are not too common, but they shouldn’t be met with too much surprise either. When you have multiple employees in the dating game, who spend several hours together each week at a job they have a mutual interest in, a deeper relationship is a possibility.

The fear of office relationships most likely lies in the unknown of how those two employees will handle both the ups and downs of their dating relationship and their work relationship. While many managers may be tempted to enact a zero-tolerance policy, that can actually backfire by treading on privacy practices and can also lead to uncomfortable trust issues in the office.

Create the Right Policy-

A zero-tolerance policy might not be the best option, but you can make a better dating policy for your employees to follow. This policy would include expectations about behavior at the office no matter what is going on in the relationship.

Here’s what to include in your policy:

  • Establish boundaries and behavior expectations during work hours and in the workplace.
  • Create expectations for employees of all levels in leadership and managerial roles. The higher the rank, the higher responsibility they have to uphold the policy.
  • How the company will step in if conflicts between employees occur. The company should help mediate with the goal of keeping both employees on staff as long as their performance doesn’t suffer.
  • Discuss potential scenarios of conflicts of interest. These would relate to company goals, employee and co-worker fairness, etc.

Get a Pro to Help You

When co-workers date or develop a deeper relationship, things could get complicated. Protect your employees and your company by creating a thorough dating policy that doesn’t infringe on privacy, but instead welcomes mature and responsible behavior. Contact Principle Personnel to help you write the policy that fits your company.