Is Group Interviewing a Good Idea for My Business?

Group interviews have become more popular over the years. It’s a good idea to understand the different types of group interviews and whether they’d be a good fit for your company.   Two Different Types There are two types of group interviews. One is with a panel of interviewers and one candidate. This is very… Read more »

Will a Candidate Fit My Company’s Culture?

You work hard to create a culture that is positive, enthusiastic and healthy while also being productive. Whenever it’s time to hire another employee, it can be stressful. Worrying about how to find the right employee who will not just fit in with the company, but enhance the culture you’ve cultivated can sometimes be difficult.… Read more »

Hiring Candidates Straight Out of College – What You Need to Know

A new batch of college graduates is about to hit the job market, eager for employment. Is your company a good place for these young professionals? They’re a unique graduating class. Here’s what you should know about them.   Who Are the 2017 Graduates? The new college graduates of 2017 are cutting edge and risk-takers.… Read more »

5 Tips For Making a Career Change

Thinking of making a career change? Remember, it’s no simple task. It should be a bit frightening because there’s a lot at stake. It will require an investment of both money and time, so take your time and be prepared before making the switch.   Is a Career Change What You Need? Before going over… Read more »

An Employee Just Resigned. What’s Next?

Even companies with the best company culture and positive energy experience employee resignations and turnover. It’s something you can’t always control. People resign for a variety of reasons: to further their education, move across the country or simply take advantage of a greater opportunity. Regardless of the employee’s reason to resign, there are some recommended… Read more »

Reference Checking – What You Need to Find Out

The classic “References Available Upon Request” may be the last note on a resume, but as an employer, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. When you are in the interviewing process and are narrowing in on your best candidates, it’s time to focus on reference checking so you can be sure you make the right decision… Read more »

Are You an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

There are many differences between an independent contractor and an employee, but not all of them are easy to understand or recognize at first glance. It’s important you are clear as to which type of hire you are to a company. Everything from your pay and taxes to your place of work are affected by… Read more »

Why They’re Not Even Reading Your Resume

If you are looking for a job, it’s a huge mistake to think you won’t have to prepare a cover letter. Some argue it’s an archaic practice, but many companies still ask for a one, so you should be prepared to write a cover letter that’s good enough to get your resume a look. 7… Read more »

Using the Madness to Your Advantage

The month of March signals for many the time to complete their tournament brackets in celebration of March Madness. An estimated 70 million brackets are filled out during the college basketball tournament by both dedicated fans and those who just want to join the fun. With the ability to live stream the tournament games on… Read more »

You Got Fired. What to Tell Prospective Employers

Job interviews are already nerve-wracking. If you have a mark in your employment history from being fired from a job, you may feel an additional layer of stress as you prepare for the interview. There’s nothing you can do about the past, but there are two things you can do during your interview to handle… Read more »