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Talent. Opportunity. Community.

Direct Hire.  $45K – $55K + commission 

8 am to 5 pm Mon – Fri

Casual Dress Code! Come to work in shorts and flip flops!

Over the span of just a few years, you make the transition from Coordinator to Sales Executive, with the ability to do both operations & sales:

Step 1 – Logistics Coordinator (TIMELINE: First 9 months) ($45 – 55K)

Learn our business from the operations side, negotiate with our various vendors to find the right fit for our needs every day, make bottom line decisions on day one

Step 2 – Senior Logistics Coordinator ($45k – 55K plus uncapped commission)

Become the “ace”​ for one of our existing business teams, train other newcomers in their beginning weeks, assist with the management of key accounts

Step 3 – Account Manager  ($55k – $75k plus uncapped commission)

Grow your own relationships with our clients through the support of our business development team, enter the customer side of our business and take ownership of your own accounts, network with new and existing prospects to win new business opportunity, lead a supporting team of Logistics Coordinators