It’s impossible to have an office that doesn’t include a few negative employees. The key is to manage those employees in such a way that keeps their negativity from spreading throughout the office and infecting the rest of the employees.

Negative Attitudes = Negative Outcomes

You can’t expect people to be sunny and positive every day, but a “bad egg” is always negative and causes unrest among employees. These behaviors can bring other employees’ spirits down and crush morale. As everyone knows, low morale also decreases productivity.

How to Spot a Bad Egg

To avoid the damage caused by these negative employees, it’s important you’re able to identify which employees are “bad eggs” rather than the employees who are just having a bad day.

Bad egg employees:

  • Always complain about work, co-workers or anything else involving the office.
  • Spread gossip or start rumors about co-workers.
  • Undermine supervisors or other employees with under-the-radar criticism.

While it can be a difficult task to turn these bad eggs into more positive people, you may have to confront the disruptive employee to keep the work environment healthy.

Confront the Problem With Kindness & Control

The conversation won’t be an easy one, so you should be prepared by following these guidelines to help direct the flow and minimize tension.

  • Be specific. If an employee talks badly behind co-workers’ or customers backs, and it spreads to other employees, address that issue. It’s important to give concrete examples so your employee understands the problem, and has clear expectations to alter that behavior.
  • Use the word “we” and avoid using too much of “you.” By using “we” it creates a more neutral environment and also suggests the employee’s behavior affects a larger group of people. “You” makes people feel under attack and decreases the chances of open and friendly dialogue. Try to make it all about a team effort.

Create a Positive Office Environment

While a “bad egg” can still be a great worker, their negative ways can affect the morale and productivity of the entire office. Use this post and others from Priniciple Personnel Group to help you keep your company running on positivity, leading to greater employee production and retention.