Using the Madness to Your Advantage

The month of March signals for many the time to complete their tournament brackets in celebration of March Madness. An estimated 70 million brackets are filled out during the college basketball tournament by both dedicated fans and those who just want to join the fun. With the ability to live stream the tournament games on… Read more »

Rejecting Someone Can Be Hard

When you are recruiting for a job, you will both hire and reject the applicants. So much thought is put into hiring the right candidate- on boarding and training -but very little planning goes into the rejections of the other people who sent in resumes. There are better ways to go about it that will… Read more »

Dealing With the Bad Eggs

It’s impossible to have an office that doesn’t include a few negative employees. The key is to manage those employees in such a way that keeps their negativity from spreading throughout the office and infecting the rest of the employees. Negative Attitudes = Negative Outcomes You can’t expect people to be sunny and positive every… Read more »

Workplace Drug Testing – Should You Be Doing It?

Drug testing has been common for several years, peaking in 1996 when 86 percent of employers drug tested their employees. But since 2004, that rate has been steadily declining. It’s also becoming a hot topic among employers as the status quo is changing. There are several pros and cons to help you decide whether drug… Read more »

Are You Micromanaging? You Might Not Even Realize It

Everyone knows that a micromanaging boss hinders the progress of a company reaching its goals in addition to the day-to-day enjoyment of its employees. Both of these outcomes from micromanagement affect the motivation and performance of your employees and can create a negative environment. Are You Micromanaging Without Knowing? While most people don’t try to… Read more »

When Love Hits the Office

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but even without the greeting card holiday, office relationships can form. While romantic relationships suggest drama, they shouldn’t and there are policies that you can put in place to avoid such drama from affecting your company’s culture and productivity. Office Relationships- Dating and consensual relationships between employees are… Read more »

Avoiding Burnout in Your Employees

As 2017 begins, it’s the perfect time to look at how you can make the workplace a more supportive environment for your workers. Other than being good business practice, a healthy and supportive work culture can help your employees avoid burnout and stay motivated all year long. Why Employees Feel Burnout Coming off of a… Read more »

The Key to Retention

You’ve hired a strong staff, now it’s time to make sure you do everything you can to retain them. Employee retention is important to staying on track with building success and momentum. Plus, companies spend thousands of dollars during the hiring and onboarding processes. How to Retain Employees The key to retention is to make… Read more »

Dodging the Hoppers

Dealing with job hoppers can be frustrating and expensive. You spend time and money on the hiring and onboarding processes only to be posting the position on job boards all over again in a few short months. How to Recognize a Job Hopper Pay attention to these three issues when looking over a resume and… Read more »